Finances are at the heart of every relationship. Being able to talk about money in a productive way is essential to a healthy relationship.

Many couples haven’t learned how to have these discussions.couple paying bills

  • They feel overwhelmed by credit card bills and debt.
  • Money issues create tension whenever they’re raised.
  • Each person’s values and priorities concerning money may be different.
  • They don’t know where to start.

I provide workshops to help couples work on these issues. The workshops are the outgrowth of more than 15 years of experience working with couples at all stages of their relationship.

Workshop and financial offer proven methods and practical tools so couples can begin solving financial issues. I also talk openly about faith and values and how they impact our attitude towards money.

My goal? For couples to leave a workshop with achievable objectives and the specific steps they need to take to put their financial house in order.


“Don’s Talking About Money workshop was extremely practical. We came away with a common financial goal: to reduce our debt and budget our money better.”—Steve and Nancy