Faith and Finance

In the beginning Money for Two Workshops was an idea in response to a need.  Finances have become a major source of stress for many people.  Couples in pre-marital counseling had financial questions.  These questions needed answers without the pressure of a sales pitch.  How do they even know if they need a financial product or not?  Where do they go for answers?  To have a healthy relationship couples need to talk about how they manage money and set goals.  They need a safe place to start this conversation.

Why faith?  I say, “Why not?”  In the Bible from the creation stories through the parables the topic of managing resources and money is not avoided.  Learning to be a wise steward is one of the key biblical themes.  Managing finances is part of our spiritual journey.  How we manage money in our relationships is part of how we grow in faith.  We are called to be wise stewards of the gifts that God has given us.  Faith is about relationships.

Often our questions will raise more questions.  We are all learning more about faith and finance.  So whether you are a couple looking to enrich your relationship, an individual wanting to grow your financial understanding, or an organization wanting to offer your employees and members a value add learning opportunity I invite you to take the first step and take the Money for Two Workshop that is right for you.