The Work Goes On

In 2013 Money for Two Workshops became an LLC. This journey started when a clergy colleague doing pre-marriage workshops asked me how to respond to financial questions. In her role as a clergy and social worker, she helped couples navigate through communication, compatibility, commitment, and healthy conflict. Finances were not part of her skillset.

In my role as a clergy and financial coach, I was in a unique position with knowledge and experience, backed up by financial credentials, to address financial questions. From that initial question the seed of Money for Two Workshops took root. Along the way, Money for Workshops expanded to address the concerns of individuals thinking about their own financial future.

The focus of the workshops and related efforts are financial knowledge, faithful stewardship, empowered financial decision making, and communication. The goals along the path included strengthening relationships, building confidence, and decreasing stress.

Why? Finances are an emotional thing. They may involve shame, guilt, or regret. Finances can be stressful. Financial well-being is on our radar today more than ever. In a way things have not changed much in the past decade.

Now in 2023, after offering numerous workshops, classes, coaching sessions, and radio interviews, the work goes on. I encourage you to reach out if any of what I shared speak to you. You are not alone in wanting to learn to navigate personal financial decision making as an individual or as a couple.